Thursday, December 29, 2011

A country that I would like to visit


Hello my friends, colleagues and visitors, today I will write about the beautiful country named Germany, why? because I 'D like to visit this country, the reasons to I would like to visit this country is to know the culture, people and family background, and most important reason is know the Germany woman's (it's not necessary to explains the reasons, see the picture).

I'd like to work in Germany, because is a smart people and organized, in the technological scene, the German People is very important, to make a new technology and develop a good lifestyle, and if I have the opportunity I'd like to work with them.

Other thing to I'd like to know and taste in Germany is the beer and food, because is really delicious, if you don believe me, please see the next pictures:

The Germany history is long and interesting and I'd like to visit the castle and know the ancestors, view the next picture to make a image of the history.

The last thing to make before to die, if I have the opportunity is want to learn a German, because is a very interesting language, strong and it´s have a gigant personality, i know that is a difficult to understand, but I 'd like to talk and write in german.

Ok is the end for the moment, Cheers!