Thursday, October 20, 2011

The uses of the computer

The computer is the most useful tool that has been invented, but hides a black secret... Follow the next words...

Before to arrive the computer, many tasks took a long time to finish, and the workers sacrificed a lot of time to finish their work, after to arrive the computer the same tasks are resolved in short time, also the computer is used to study, do research, communicate with other people in any place of the world.    These capabilities improve the use and the dependence of the computer, this dependence is the most complex addiction to the new generations, because in this moment is very difficult living without a computer.     This piece of technology has transformed in a critical body part, mainly due to multiple uses.

This extreme addiction causes the industry to continually improve and make faster processors and computer parts, to satisfy the continuous and increasing demand.    On the other hand, the users need more features and process capacity, because the uses of computer are expanding constantly.

So my friends, deliver your souls to the computers hell, because the hope is the last thing that is lost!!!.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

BBC Website Review

This site is a good site to learn and improve you english, and my intencion is introduction to this site.

First indicates that is a really good site, to improve grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation, because this site is a compose to many quiz an videos to listen an read information in English, for other way exist a section to teaching vocabulary and sounds of English, this port to the site is very interesting to associated correctly the sound with the sign of sound then vowels and consonants.

Also find fresh news witch discussed about many things, and implements quiz, vocabulary and practice to learning and listen english.

the link of this site is : BBC Learning English

Thursday, October 6, 2011

The first hell's english post

Welcome to this post

in this word's you find a lot information about the hell, music, funny task's, and the most important, one space to lost time reading irrelevant information about many tings.

first time i want to inform to this post is generated in the English class, and is not free desicion (je,je,je).

the ideas is describe an publish a lot information about many tings and improve my English capabilities.