Friday, June 29, 2012

Work near to Hell

My day work start at 6:15, when wake up, and open my eyes, in this time I have to remember that day is the last day on the week, is the terrific friday, I think to talk about the friday because is a good day, when all workers are very happy, ok after wake up go to the KAPSCH at Huechuraba, far away from my house.

In the office the first task is read the emails and open the tools to work, after that try to focus on my work, because I'm a programmer and is necesary be concentrated to develop software.

At this point this words doesn't representation of the title, but the rest of my task's are complicated.

The problem is to I work fine is necesary be a team player and this caracteristics is to opposes to concentrate in a task, and in this point the day is near to hell because don't finish my work in schedule and a have many meetings, but the best of the day is the friday, ia a day to grant to the next day is a day to rest.

I'm sorry it's all words write today, because today is friday XD!.

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